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          Social Media Seminars, Networking Events and other Internet Marketing Bootcamps I sponsor or host.

Jan 2014:

Welcome to my  website where I promote my networking events. My networking friends know me as the S.E.O. lady and the S.E.X. lady. My two passions - are all things S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization) and S.E.X.  Strange, I know. Let me explain.

It's all a little bit left brain / right brained. (Or as my friend says it's a little bit "hi tech and a little bit high touch.") I decided it would be a good idea to have a place to share my (non -Bliss) events with all of you on a site that is not tied to my SEX TOY businesses just so I don't shock or scare too many of you! I founded an online romance store and pleasure party business called about 11 years ago after working in high tech for 15 years. ( I got laid of in Sept. 2002 during the dot comb bomb.)

*** March 2013 - I also recently opened a new retail store called Curvy Girl LIngerie. It's my dream and it's been an exciting few months. If you are interested, my store is at 1535 Meridian Ave, San Jose, CA 95125

I am a natural born "cruise director" and since 2008 I have been hosting S.E.O. and SoMe (Social Media) events to help share what I know and to help share the many fabulous experts and coaches I am friendly with online to my friends and network.

Oct. 2012 Update : I am also the PROUD OWNER of Curvy Girl Lingerie in Willow Glen. I just opened my store that caters to curvy women size 12 and above. Lots of lingerie and other goodies for Curvy Women in San Jose, is my Curvy Girl Lingerie website if you want to learn more about Curvy Girl!

You can typically reach me by calling/texting me at 408-712-3809  and my main email that is connected with my cell phone is .

You can also connect with me on Facebook via my personal profile or my business fan page at . You can also connect with me on Linked In, You Tube and pretty much every other Social Media platform, honestly. I get around online! (Especially if it will help my business to be found by the people looking for us!)

Our SASSY group also has a Yahoo Group that everyone is welcome to be a part of and use to grow our businesses:

If you would like to connect with me in person, come check out our events on the 4th Thursday of each month in Campbell.

  I have some articles I have written about some of my DIY methods if you would like to see them, go here:

I also have a monthly Social,Smart & Sassy Speed Networking event on the 4th Thursday for women business owners only. (See the side bar for more info.) And, I host a Business Referral Group called B.A.B.R.G. at - so let's connect!  I look forward to meeting you in person or online soon.

Thanks for stopping by. Blissfully, Chrystal Bougon
Tel: 408-712-3809 if you want to text me now and connect.
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